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Moloney: Irish Music Musician and Folklorist

Mick Moloney Cultural Tours

Mick Moloney combines the careers of folklorist, musicologist, arts presenter and advocate, professional musician, and professor of music and Irish studies. In 1999 he was awarded the National Heritage Award from the National Endowment for the Arts — the highest official honor a traditional artist can receive in the United States. Mick received the Presidential Distinguished Service Award from the President of Ireland in November of 2013. Reviewer Earle Hitchner called one of Mick's concerts a "moving musical feast" in this review in The Irish Echo. When not performing, producing, or lecturing, Mick leads a series of Cultural Tours to Ireland, offering an authentic cultural odyssey that conventional tourists never experience. In this site, you can learn more about Mick Moloney, listen to his music, preview his book, read more articles about him, see his tour schedule, or contact him for performances.

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