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Moloney: Irish Music Musician and Folklorist

Tour Testimonials

"We have been to Ireland several times, but have never learned as much nor enjoyed as much as we did on Mick Moloney's tour. We went from oratorios, to famine graves, to museums, to battlefields and cemeteries, all set in a tapestry of historical narrative, with an every-night chaser of great food and wine and incredibly good traditional music. A marvelous ten days!" --David Tierney

"We've visited Ireland twice with Mick Moloney and we'll surely return with him again. Mick is a fantastic tour guide - organized and focused, yet spontaneous and flexible. His deep knowledge of Ireland, charming wit, and gift for storytelling enriched the experience beyond words. Our fellow travelers were curious, kind, considerate, and the friendships we made were another very positive piece of the experience as were our interactions with the wonderful Irish people we met on the journey." --L.Wharton & B. Turrin

"We were treated to a perfect blend of Irish culture, scenery, history and politics topped off by evenings of world-class Irish music. Mick and his crew were genuine in making each tour member welcome and were very helpful in caring for the needs of tour members." --Chuck & Jan Lane

"To be shown around Ireland, such a stunningly beautiful country, by its talented native son was amazing indeed. Mick's tour never had a dull moment and many the pleasant surprises were many! I was entertained, educated and always very well cared for. I laughed, I cried, I sang and danced. A most special time that I shall never forget!" --Beth Larson

"Our tour of Ireland with Mick Moloney was a masterful blend of history, politics, poetry, and music. Mick's insight, humor, and relationships with Irish artists made this trip a special and authentic experience indeed." --Paul & Donna Estridge

"Mick is so very personable to everyone. He provided us with a great deal of information that was not just factual but entertaining. He is a first class individual and we loved his "Irishism" that offered fun and insightful reflection." --Jeanne & Jack O'Brien

"The tour was everything our friends told us it would be -- and more! The experiences and the quality of the music and other entertainments were amazing and absolutely unforgettable! --Dan & Joan Snyder

"Mick's tours are always an adventure. We visit hidden, unspoiled places tourists rarely see where we are immersed in spectacular scenery and lovely traditional music performed by Mick and local musicians. I consider them as a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey." --Roberta Edwards

"These tours are a unique opportunity only Mick Moloney can provide ... to hear Irish traditional music performed every night (some afternoons as well) in countryside which inspired it and where it was created. Mick was joined by many accomplished musicians of all ages, making the experience all the richer. --Lynne Peterson

"With Mick Moloney's tour of Ireland, I got much more than I imagined possible with none of the horror stories sometimes associated with coach tours. Imagine the best history or literature teacher you ever had leading you on a personal journey to places where the historical events and great stories occurred, and you have the idea.' --Bill Compton, The Olympian

"Touring Ireland with Mick Moloney is magical. He infuses the entire experience with history, folklore, music and good feelings. My three tours with Mick deepened both my love for Ireland and my understanding of the complex history of this beautiful land. The evening gatherings with local musicians created many special memories. I am planning on a fourth experience this year!" --Mary K. Walton

"For me, the magical feature of our ten day trip was all the interactions with local people, such as shopkeepers, hotel personnel, and the multitude of musicians we met along the way. It was the best trip I've ever taken to my ancestral home. My husband and I are anxious to return next year and travel the northern regions which we have never laid eyes on." --Susan Tierney

"This will be our third trip with Mick and by now we know that there will be moments that will touch our hearts, and some things that will speak to our souls. It's hard to even think of these trips as "tours". We have found each one to be a unique and fascinating journey which not only transports the group through breathtaking landscapes but which irresistibly draws one into an engagement with the spirit, the heartbeat, the humanness of the place." --Sharon Catto

"I'd been to Ireland nineteen times before I went on a tour with Mick, but the journey had me feeling like I was visiting the country for the very first time - seeing places I'd never seen before and hearing all that Mick had to tell us about them was a revelation of mind and heart." --Maura Donnelly

"I've had the joy of traveling in Ireland on a Mick Moloney Tour a dozen times, and each journey moved and uplifted me in so many ways - through extraordinary music played with great virtuosity, though visits and experiences in places with deep connections to the rich culture of the land, and through the company of others in the group. I always felt my spirit was soaring, knowing I was traveling with Mick, the best possible leader anyone could ever hope to have and, in addition, his veteran staff, a kind and attentive tour coordinator and charming and skillful coach driver, looking after our comfort and safety every mile of the way." --Doris Marie Meyer



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